Boise City Parks Lake, First evenings results. All night control

Lake Laser turns on every 15 minutes, sweeps 2 times 360 degree's

LASEROCKS patented Green Laser. On at dusk, Off at dawn.                        

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 100% Made in America

        Veteran Owned 

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"These units are without a doubt the best things to come into our industry for bird deterrents."  Mountain View GC Utah

Charles L Calder

3 Rocks keep this big lake clean.

National Sales Manager

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360 Lake Laser is here.   


To the right  is a depiction of the laser light emitting from the laser light slot. Photo cell is on the upper right turns on at dusk and off at dawn.​ It has an upper rain lip and irrigation guard, it can handle over one inch of surrounding water.

For use on lakes we include a Styrofoam float system.

Designed by a NASA Engineer

Using a government approved method

Reduce exposure to over 60 Bird transmitted Diseases

Tested and proven in La Quinta and Indian Wells Ca

The cold weather of Salt Lake City Utah

In Rainy Seattle Washington

Genesis Turf  is now Official Distributor 

of The Laser Rock on the East Coast.