Geese, Wideons and all migratory birds return year after year to the same location, they have been taught to do so by their parents.

You have done a great job of creating a safe, and plentiful habitat, but you must break the cycle of migration in an earth friendly way!

We have spent over 7 years of on the job research, that led us to using hand held green lasers at night. 

The Laser Rock works because at night it's green laser looks like a predator's eye. 

We designed the Laser Rock to do that night time job for you. It does the job without any extra labor expense.

This device augments your day time bird program with a programmed speaker system,

It will enhance your bird banger's, trained dogs, etc. 

Adding the Laser Rock multiplies your daytime efforts by working all night without any new labor expenses.


                                                                        Hints and Tips!

                                                  Must be aimed toward bird affected area!

                             Place Unit correctly, this may take 4-5 nights to find the lake's sweet spot!

                                     Charge battery every 3 days, or according to weather conditions!

                                          Portability means Unit can be moved to turf or fairway!

                                            Very effective on Geese and Pintails, and Widgeon's!

                                     Remove unit from the lake if wind speed is over 12-15 mph!

                      Place on the turf overnight instead, it will be held down by the included large spike!

                                                  We use a Government suggested method!

                                                           Unit has a vandal resistant lock


                                        Very stable on water using the included 2" Foam Float!

                                                 Velcro mounted on float, just TWIST to remove! 

                                  Photo cell controlled, On at dusk off at dawn! Or 24 hours a day.

                                                Float keeps laser at the most effective height!

                                                           Mooring pegs, cord included!

                                                       Place with rear to prevailing winds!

                                                      No night time labor expense needed!

                                      Turns on every 15 minutes then sweeps 15 times, until dawn!

                                          It cannot affect aviation as we offer a tilt switch option!
                                                       Rain lip provides Moisture resistance!

                                                 Can operate in rain, snow or normal irrigation!

                                       Laser unit is installed inside, using an interior moat system! 

                                            Helps to Reduce the health exposure to 60 diseases!

                                             Your lake water can be full of those diseases!

                                                    Provides constant night time harassment!

                                                     Safe 12 volt Gel Cell Battery DC Power!

                                                          Green laser rated for 5000 hours!

                                                      Six month, no dunking, limited warranty!

                                                         Components easily replaced! 




Trade Marked                        Patent Pending

 Do you have a bird problem caused by Winged Migration?

          We are using a 

Government approved method!