Laser Rock Development  History

                                                                                My original business plan for bird control started over 7 years ago. 


                                                                  First came the speaker filled with predator and alarm sounds for my drone business. 


                                                            The Laser idea evolved from my solitary nightly visits to my customers using a hand held laser.

              A big problem along the way was to create an aesthetically pleasing and weather resistant system, because rocks occur in nature that became our choice.

                We needed to make the laser system fit inside a faux rock, miniaturization is expensive not easy to achieve, it took a long time to fit and get to work well.


                     The power choice of a 12 volt battery was the safest and gave the most placement flexibility, the next phase is Solar which is available now.  

                                                                    Adding our speaker to the system gave it a complete 24 hour effectiveness.

Having a son that works for NASA and has his Masters in Electrical Engineering makes it all very efficient, as new design changes were done in days not months.

                                                          Consequently this has become a stand alone, well proven and robust system!

                                                  The laser operates all night or can be a dual system with speaker, running 24 hours a day.