"Of all the goose eradication schemes on the market, this one really works!!  We started with 150-200
geese on one lake and after 1-2 nights of running the laser unit  they were gone.  We moved it to another lake with
20-50 geese.....the next morning they were gone.  It works and is less expensive than dogs, drones and anything else
I have heard of."
    Steve Budge, CGCS
    The Links at Sleepy Ridge
    Orem, Utah

Salt Lake Community College

​We observed the process daily to assess the percentage of pigeon control, and believe we achieved a 70-80 % reduction of pigeons roosting in this area. These are our observations about the effectiveness of the Laser Rock System.

Thank you for this effective new bird control system. 

Sincerely Randy Webb

Environmental Health and Safety Manager

Salt Lake Community College

                 New Endorsement

​​​​Mission Hills Dinah Shore Course purchased 12  Laser Rocks and Lake Lasers in October 2016, they have kept the Geese and Coots off our lakes, greens and fairways. I am very pleased to say that this Laser Rock bird control system works great, and continues to solve our bird issues. We are so happy that we have ordered the new 360* solar powered Lake Laser for the coming season. 
Jared Taylor

Superintendent at Mission Hills

Dinah Shore Championship Course.

                                               Users of the Laser Units are listed here.

Toscana Country Club, The Hideaway Club, Rancho La Quinta Country Club, The Citrus Club

Mission Hills Country Club, The Lakes CC​ The Links art Sleepy Ridge Orem Utah, Willow Creek Salt Lake Utah, Brentwood Country Club. Salt Lake Community College, CVWD Water Treatment Plant. PGA West Palmer Course, Red Hill CC, Victoria CC Riverside Ca. El Niguel CC, Genesis Turf Pa.

Cherry Hills CC Denver, Vail CC Colo. The Annenberg Estate Rancho Mirage Ca. 

Please feel free to call anyone on the following

                   List of Superintendents

Jared Taylor Mission Hills CC,             760-485-6257

Rick Sall   Toscana CC                        760-275-5991

Stu  Rowland  Rancho La Quinta        760-275-9459

Gerry Tarsitano  The Hideaway CC    760-275-6893

I purchased the laser rock and 360 laser in August and started placing them on the golf course. I have been working at Mountain View since the early 80s and have tried just about everything out there to try to keep geese and birds off of the greens and away from the lakes with little to no luck. These units are without a doubt the best things to come into our industry for bird deterrents. Plane and simple they work and I will be ordering more of them. My course is setup with a road splitting the course in two, the geese fly from one side to the other. The new units will go to the other side of the course to keep those geese away. I have tried them on my ponds and they work. I’m currently using them next to my greens during the winter months to keep them off the greens and its working.
Charles L Calder



Golf Course Superintendent
Mountain View Golf Course
West Jordan Utah  

I purchased a Laserock earlier this year after continuing the never ending battle with Canada Geese.
I have been able to harass the geese in the day with the normal methods ( bangers, dog etc) but the geese returned at night.
I placed a Laserock on one of our lakes and quickly discovered that it kept them away at night without any manpower required.
The Laserock is easy to relocate to any troubled area on the course.
If you are having the same challenges as I did,I would recommend it.
Troy Vanderberghe
Golf Course Superintendent
Willow Creek CC
Salt Lake City.Utah