Geese respond quickly to the Laser Rock

Here is Visual Proof that our Laser Rock                really works on birds of all kinds.


Rancho La Quinta Number 7 Jones

The Laser Rock now has predator sounds, Goose alarm calls, Predator calls, and Raptor calls. Sound provides extra power to move your Bird problem away.

What a Great View, No Birds

The Laser Rock works on Coots too!

It's very hard to get a stable video.

#2 on the Jones Rancho La Quinta

Laser Rock moves geese in seconds.

Wishing you a Bird Free Day

         The Laser Rock turns on at

Dusk and off at Dawn, Or Can run 24-7

     14-17  Lake at Toscana CC Indian Wells Ca.

     no birds first night using 3 Laser Rock units                      

Interior Components, Solar panel mounted and a New Speaker system.

The speaker features Goose Alarm Calls, They cause an immediate panic to set in. The Speaker system also has Predator calls and Raptor calls, Featuring Red Tail Hawk calls. A Ducks natural fear causes them to want to leave and stay away. They may have a bird brain but actually they are very smart.